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Reflecting on disabilities in the face of violence

While I am commonly referred to as disabled, I would claim that I have disabilities. There is a difference. Every one of us has challenges. As an African American man, as a black man with disabilities, I am in a unique position to speak to the cultural erosion that handicaps the progress and spirit of the subjugated. The biggest blow to progress has not been the two strokes suffered or the challenges I now live with. Rather, that which is most debilitating is the cultural reception. It is important for those of us with disabilities to adopt a platform that acknowledges our voice.

My contention is that a Theology of Disability can be that voice. Disabilities are challenging, and we all face challenges. Our responsibility is to find a way to succeed in spite of our challenges. If we choose to understand disabilities as one kind of challenge then the stigma that subjugates those of us with physical and sensory disabilities becomes moot. For even Christ suffered a disability, it was the cross. And he accepted and suffered the cross alone so that those of us who followed would not have to suffer it.

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