• What's Kendrick Been Up To?

    Union Theological Seminary

    Guest Panelist - Shades of Black: Finding My Voice

    Kendrick visited his Alma Mater on Friday, February 22nd at 5:00 p.m. at Union Theological Seminary, where he studied under the late Dr. James Hal Cone and Dr. Cornell West. As a Guest Panelist/Speaker, Kendrick contributed on the panel called Shades of Black: Finding My Voice, where he shared the wisdom and courage that the late Dr. James H. Cone expounded on him with his theological insight to create Black Liberation Theology of Disability.


    Judson Memorial Church

    Guest Speaker - "The People's Judson"

    On Sunday, February 24th at 6 p.m. at Judson Memorial Church in New York City, Kendrick was invited to speak during “The People’s Judson” about the origin of his Theology, the Black Liberation Theology of Disability. Kendrick shared his own personal story of suffering two strokes and finding himself in a dark place with a new reality as a black man a living with a new body; a disabled body.

    Union Theological Seminary

    Guest Speaker - Field Educations Classes

    Kendrick returned to the classroom at Union Theological Seminary on Monday, February 25th to speak before two Field Education Classes with a focus on Disability Issues in Ministry, but more specifically about Practical Black Liberation Theology of Disabilities and how it is integrated in daily life.

    First Baptist Church in Ithaca, NY

    Recipient of the Deans Scholarship

    Rev. Tony Lister presented Kendrick the Dean Scholarship from First Baptist Church in Ithaca, NY. This will help support my theological education at Howard University Schoo of Divinity.

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